Monday, September 1, 2008

Scrap Tag Tutorial

I wrote this awhile back on how to make this type tag.

Scrap Tag Tutorial By KMLDesignz
Supplies Need
Paper Of Choice or The ones I supplied in the ZIP
At least 3 images of choice or tubes which ever works best
1 tube of choice
Any embellishments of choice or the flowers I supplied
Mask of choice or the ones I supplied in the ZIP (use either one)
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (optional)
Download Supplies Here

To Start
Open a new image 700*400 you can resize later

Select your rectangle shape and change the foreground to NULL Background color to white or color of choice. Draw out a rectangle no bigger than 127*176 pick your magic wand and click the rectangle and click then go to selections and click contract and contract by 5 Choose your first image paste as a new layer and resize to your liking (just the photo)Then go to selections again and click invert and hit delete on your keyboard then select invert again and deselect. click on the rectangle again and go to layers, and click duplicate 2 times so you have 3 squares. Repeat the sames steps you did for your first photo with the remaining 2 images you have. Once your done add a drop shadow to 3 squares Drop Shadow V&H= 0 Opacity= 100 Blur= 4.00 Color= Black, Merge each photo with the squares but not all together, make sure you have 3 merged squares with the pics, helps to x out the ones your not merging then merge the ones you have highlighted in the layer part.Arrange the photo squares to your liking then merge together.
Take the paper your going to use and copy and paste as a new layer behind the photo squares. Add the mask I supplied or one of your own from load/saved to disk and have Source Lumiance Checked, Fit To canvas Checked, Hide all mask checked and do not check invert transparency. Go to layers click delete and check yes when box comes up, then merge mask layer, Resize mask about 70 or 80 smartsize, just the mask layer so make sure all layers are not checked.
Take the embellishments I supplied and paste as new layer and resize to your liking then put one on the corner of the square, then duplicate and mirror for the other corners repeat to your liking.
Take the tube of choice and paste as a new layer and resize to your liking.
Take font of choice and either write out the celebs name (optional) Add the Gradient glow to the name Width= 3 Opacity=100 Soft Corners= 25 Color=white or of choice and pick out the fat type.
Add Drop Shadow V&H= 1 Opacity=100 Blur= 4.00 Color= Black
Add your name and repeat the same steps as the celeb name Add any copyright info if needed and save.
Hope you enjoyed the tut!!
Results of my tags for this tut