Monday, September 1, 2008

New Tutorial :)

I wrote this tut for a friend who asked when I did a new letter creation and it was pretty easy to remember how I did everything lol.. the link for the supplies is below :)

NKOTB Sexy Suits Scrap Tutorial By KMLDesignz 2008
Supplies needed
1 good graphic of choice or the one I supplied
1 scrap kit of choice or the one I used @ this link scroll down and its the rock n roll kit, The pieces I used are supplied.
extra scrap stuff of choice or use the ones supplied
Frame template, in supplies
Font of choice
Download Supplies Here
Let's Get Started

Step 1
Open up a new image 600*400 we will resize later.
Step 2

Open the frame template and duplicate it and close out the original for other the bottom layer for the center rectangle by going to selections select all, Float, then defloat.. Open your graphic of choice or the one I supplied paste as a new layer, resize to your liking or till it fits nicely in the frame..Go to selections, Modify, then click on smooth (makes it not jagged)and put both at 10, both boxes checked. Selections, Invert, then hit delete and invert again, then select none, now back to the same rectangle layer, delete, add a drop shadow to the pics of V&H-1 Opacity-100 Blur-3.00 Color- Black, then repeat but change to -1 for V&H
Select the layer that has the 3 lines in them, selections, select all, float, then defloat pick a paper of choice, I did the striped b&W one, resize some, sharpen once.. Go to selections, then modify and select smooth again with the same settings as before. Then click invert and delete then invert again.. Add the same drop shadow as before. Repeat this same step for the last rectangle left on the far left.. Make sure you delete the rectangles after too. Then when finished with those rectangles, merge them together, the last rectangle left is the bottom one,repeat the same steps as before for the other rectangles you did.. just choose a different paper,I used paper 15 for mine.

Step 3

time to decorate the tag :)
Now with the scrap kit supplied, I only used one of the embellishments as I used other scrap stuff. Select the embellishment number 45 and paste as a new layer to your image, resize to your liking, sharpen a couple times so its not dull, Duplicate it and then go to image and mirror the duplicated one.
Once you did that, merge visible but make sure if you filled your background layer that layer is closed.

Step 4
Now with the other supplies I supplied Take the notebook paper and paste as a new layer resize at 80% smartsize 2 times, sharpen once, give it the same drop shadow as above,duplicate that layer and go to image and mirror it and adjust it so its only peeking some.Take the bracket embellishment and erase the lines if you wish, I did, you don't have to..resize some to your liking, I did mine at 60% smartsize like 5 times, Sharpen at least twice.put that behind the notebook paper, duplicate it and adjust it so its peeking out a little.Take the brush splat I supplied, open and copy and paste as a new layer, resize 2 times with 80% smartsize checked, sharpen once. Duplicate and then mirror, then duplicate again and flip, duplicate that one and mirror it, that makes 4 of the splat so its on each corner.The star supplied, paste as a new layer, resize to your liking and move on the lines, I duplicat edit 4 times so I had 4 stars, one on the line by its self and then 3 on the other lines, arrange to your liking.

Step 5
Take the font of choice you are going to use, type out New Kids On The Block ( or which ever your graphic is)Put this on the black rectangle, give it a drop shadow, I used the the one above just not the -1 one.
Resize your graphic by 80% smartsize, sharpen once, merge visable, add new layer and flood fill it with a color that goes with the tag, crop it some so you can add borders to the tag that match it.
When I did the borders I did a "4" white border then a "4" grey one, now for the tag I did 3.
Add your name and any watermark stuff to your tag, save as jpeg, and your done :)
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)
My end results :)