Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NEW Grey Frame By Me

Now I am not that great at this stuff but I was making a tag
and put some stuff together with scrap things snagged over time and
well it became a frame lol.

Nothing special but hey its a start right?
Enjoy if you use, and I would love comments if you download so I know its being snagged at least please!! TY
Download here

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Making An Avatar Tutorial

Ok for this tutorial, I got this one from a challenge in a group, the one that explained how to do it, had me confused and well, I stopped and just went my own and revised it to my likeing and hopefully better to understand, I will completely give credit to the link.

Supplies need
All in supplies here
Credit to this site here for the idea of my tut.
open up a blank image of 100*100
ok then open a 41*101 and set it aside for now
then in the 100*100 one,
take your picture you are using and paste as a new layer
once that is pasted, if its too big and you can't use it as is pasted,

i resized once with 40% smartsize,
all layers not checked,
on top on psp you will see adjust, go there, then you will see when the menu pulls down, brightness and contrast
find the one that says histogram stretch
just click it and it does it for you automatically
then under adjust again, you will find automatic color balanceopen that up
strength= 72 and temperature= 4639, UNLESS you want to fool around and do it your own number for the temp merge visible both layers
once its merged, on top of psp you will see layers, click that and you find duplicate,

click that once
once you duplicate it once, do it one more time
ok, on the materials again, you will see 3 layers, merged, copy of merged 1 and copy of merged 2, right?ok, click the middle layer on top of the merged
ok, back to adjust, then you will see blur, when that opens, click the blur one once, you won't see it being done but its doing it lol
then back on the materials with the layers, the one that has 100, lower that to about 54%same layer
then click the top copy layered and you will see were it says normal
click on the normal and find the soft light option ok, merge visible again
set this image aside for now
take your 41*101 image we made
same picture too
take the picture you have and paste it into the 41*101 as new layer
take your mover tool

and move the pic around to the part you want showing
depending on the size, i did mine once at 40% smartsize, all layers NOT checked
if that makes it too small adjust the number size
then use your move tool (hit m on keyboard) and move the layer around to what you want showing
once happy, merge visble both layers
repeat the same step for the brightness and contrast, under adjust, once there, click the histogram stretch
then back to adjust and click on automatic color balance, same settings as before
merge visible both layers
this part is optional

Mirror if you want, depending were your placing the 41*101 image
back to layers on top of psp and click that,
find duplicate again, click it, do it again, to have 2 layers
click the middle layer
back to adjust, then same blur as before
and lower it down to 54% again in the material boxes
then top layer, click on that, then click on normal and find soft light again and click on that. Once you finish that, merge visble again.
repeat the brightness and contrast again, same histogram stretch one
automatic color balance, same settings as before
copy this image
once it copied, bring your 100*100 back up and paste as new layer on there
ok now this part is totally on how your images look.
your first layer, the 100*100 one, move that slighty over, to either the right or left a littleto where it isn't overlaping depending were your going to place your 41*101 one just move it to what you want to show ok, now back to the 41*101 layer
move this layer some so its not overlapping your other image, enough so no background will show and line them up.
if you need the other one moved, do it, so it lines up nice.
merge visble
Find your pen tool, click that
pick a color that goes with your image but a tad darker
line style is solid, make sure its on that, width = 3.00
once that is set, click back to your image, hold shift down and draw a line were the two images meet, then convert to raster
make a new layer
now the color you picked, flood fill with your color you picked on the new layer
add new raster layer
flood fill this with your next color, which should be light
on your DARK color, click on normal in this layer and change it to screenon your LIGHT color, change the normal to hard light
now click shift D together so your image duplicates as allset aside your originaland stay on the duplicate one
merge visble the duplicate image all layers together once that is done,
click shift T together
then do the same automatic color balance, same settings
copy the image we just fixed
click your other 100*100
select the light color layer, paste it as new layer on there
so its between the dark color and then light color is below it
change that layer from normal to Luminance legacy
make a new raster layer again
pick another color, that goes with your others but not too dark and not too light,
does NOT have to be gradient
I used a solid color. Flood fill the new layer with this color.
change this layer from normal to screen
after you change it to screen, click this layer in materials and drag below the dark color
staying on this layer we just dragged, take the brush image you saved, either open it or if its opened, copy it, paste into this layer as paste into selection
change the brush/color layer from normal to screen
Lower this layer to about 50, play around to what you like
ok copy the border pic from supplies
paste as new raster layer on your 100*100 your working on
so its the first layer, we don't move it
change the normal to overlay
play around with any of them till you like it for your colors
merge all layers visble

Font time
i used Trebuchet MS
size 1
no stroke, bold,
anti-alias on sharp, kerning 100
color white unless you want different, this text we won't be able to read,

but it makes it look neat
type out anything you want that goes with the pic
once your done
convert to raster, then add drop shadow with these settings
V&H = 1 Opacity = 93 Blur = 1.00 and color is blk

Add anything else you want and your done :) Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Live Tutorial

Supplies Needed
1 Graphic of choice
The one I used Here
Elements of Choice (at least 2)
(Ribbon and Bow)
Doodle of choice (just one)
Font Of Choice
Frame By Me Here
Other supplies Here
Word art of choice or one I used by
Kimmy (KLS_WA)
(a little comment doesn't hurt if you download.)
Scrap kit of Choice
The one I used is
Sagittarius PTU kit by Stacey's Designs
and I can't provide it.
You may purchase it at her sites and browse her other great kits.

Open new image 650*400
we will resize later
Take the frame I provided
paste as a new layer on your new image we just made
Take your magic wand and click inside the frame
expand by 2
Take your graphic you are using or the one I put in the supplies
choosing your own, makes the tag more of your design :)
paste as a new layer
I resized mine @ 70% smartsize with all layers NOT checked
I did this 3 times,
it depends on your graphic you use or to what you like.
Then use Unsharpen mask with these settings
(this is under adjust then sharpen)
Radius-1.00 Strength-64 Clipping-4
I did this twice
Click invert, then delete, then invert again, select none.
Make sure you bring this graphic below the frame layer.

I then gave my frame layer a drop shadow with these settings
V&H-1 Opacity-100 Blur-3.00 color-blk
Just once.
Then for my graphic again, this is optional, totally up to you.
I used the filter factory J plugin and then toners
and used these settings to give my graphic a little something.
Red- 9 Green-14 Blue- 15
If you do this, I did this twice with the same settings,
I encourge to play around with the settings, have fun with it :)

Time to add stuff to your tag.

Now for the supplies I did provide I will explain how I did those, any other supplies you do use, you can just look at my example and wing it with which ever you use.

Open the live tutorial supplies you downloaded
Take the staple layer and copy. Pase this on your image you just made with the graphic.
I resized mine once @ 40% smartsize and used the same unsharpen settings as before.
I then duplicated once, then merged down together, Just the staples nothing else.
I then duplicated again and flipped once.
Look at my example for placing or place how you like.

In the same supplies take the note book paper layer, copy. Paste this on your image and I resized this layer @ 60% smartsize once, same unsharpen settings as before once.
I added the same drop shadow as I did the frame before.
I duplicated this once, them merged together the 2 layers, then duplicated again and then I flipped it this time and then mirrored. Look at my example for placement or place how you like.

This part of the tag making is up to you.
Take the ribbon of choice you are going to use and paste on your image we are creating.

I resized mine at 60% smartsize, judge your sizing by the ribbon you picked.
Same sharpen settings as before.
I also colored my supplies to match my graphic, you can do the same or leave them as is.

Open up the bow of choice you are using and resize to your liking and place in the top left corner like mine above or to were ever you like :)

The word art I provided or one you picked, open this up, I merged the layers together on the one I used and resized it once @ 60% smartsize once and colored mine white.
I added the same drop shadow as before. Then duplicated it once so it pops out more. Then merged those layers together, just the word art layers.
If using another, please resize it to your liking or what looks best.

Open doodle of choice (if you use one) and paste as a new layer, for the one I used, I resized it once @ 40% smartsize, do to your liking if you want.
I colored mine again to match the tag.
Then added a drop shadow with these settings
V&H- 1 Opacity- 100 Blur- 1.00 color- Blk
Duplicate the doodle once, merge together these 2 layers, then duplicate again. I then flipped it and mirrored to place it on the other side, Adjust so its peeking out just some.

Once you are done and happy with your results, pick a font and add your name or anything else you might want and add any copyright/watermark info and save. Make sure you crop out the excess background or resize the tag to your liking, I cropped mine.

And you are done, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


Hello everyone
I've been a bad tutorial writer lol, I haven't had a new one come to me since my last post in October, been so busy with other things.
I am working on one right now tho and it should be posted soon, thanks for understanding and thanks for still being interesting in my tuts.
Happy Holidays!!