Friday, September 12, 2008

Happiness Scrap Tutorial

Happiness Scrap Tutorial By KMLDesignz *2008*
This tutorial was written by KMLDesignz September 12th 2008

Supplies Needed

1 Graphic of Choice.. Long graphic works best.
Font of choice
Scrap supplies I provided or of choice.
Mask of choice.
Plugins are optional
I used the filter factory J for my graphic and added the toners to it.You can get those here for free

scroll down to the F's and click filter factory, has all of them but I used J for this.
Supplies Here

This is what we will be making

Step 1
Open a new image 600*400 we will resize later.Open all the supplies needed and minimize them. Take the frame provided and copy and paste as a new layer, you can close out the original we won't need it anymore.Take your magic wand tolerance 0 and feather 0 click inside the frame.go to selections, expand and expand selection by 4. Take your graphic of choice, paste as a new layer, resize to your liking. Once happy, sharpen 3 times.Go to selections again, invert, hit delete on your keyboard, invert again then select none. Bring your graphice below the frame layer by dragging it underneath on your layers. Add a drop shadow of choice to your frame or the one I used V&H= 1 Opacity= 100 Blur= 3.00 color= black. If you downloaded the filter above use these settings for the toners Red= 18 Green=14 Blue= 44 and do it twice or till you like it.
Merge visble the frame and pic together, NOT the background layer.

Step 2.
Time to decorate :)
Open up the happiness tag and copy and paste as a new layer on your image. resize to your liking I put mine on the bottom, works on top as well, sharpen 2 times. give it the same drop shadow as above or if you used your own, use that one. I erased the staple that was hanging over on the bottom, you can if you like.
Open up the butterfly in the supplies, copy and paste as a new layer on your image. Resize twice at 20% smart size, all layers NOT checked. Sharpen once. Apply the drop shadow you used or one above. Place the butterfly in the top right corner of the tag.
Open one of the notebook paper, I used the darker one for this one. Resize @ 70% smartsize 3 times, sharpen once. Rotate this paper @ 5 degrees to the left. bring this layer behind the frame layer so its behind peeking out, apply the same drop shadow as before.
Click on the top layer, open the latch in the supplies and paste as a new layer. Resize once @20% smartsize, then sharpen once, place this in the top left corner of the tag. Apply samedrop shadow as before.
Open the bracket in the supplies, I erased the lines and the right bracket, you can do that if you like.I colored mine to match the taggie.. Please do the same so it goes with the taggie colors your working with. I resized it once @ 20% smart size and sharpened it only once since I resized once. Put this on top of the notebook paper layer, rotate once @ 5 degrees to the left.
Open up the paint splat, copy and paste as a new layer. Resize @ 70% smartsize, color it the sameas you did the bracket, sharpen once. Add the same drop shadow as before. Bring this layer below the notebook paper and bracket.
Merge Visble ONLY these layers, close the background, butterfly, frame&pic layer, happiness tag. Merge visble the notebook paper, bracket and paint splat, together, make sure its still below everything else. duplicate it once, go to image, then mirror it and adjust it to your liking. Now you don't have to do this step if you only want them showing once.
Now Merge visble all layers BUT the background layer. That should be raster 1 don't merge it.

Step 3

Add any mask of choice, I did in other samples of this tut.
Last Step

Choose the font of choice and add your name to the tag. If you used a celebrity, you can add their name on the top of tag if you like. Add the same drop shadow as before. Merge all visble, crop your tag some, then add any watermarks needed. Save the tag.
Your done :) Thank you for trying my tut, I hope you enjoyed it.

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