Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Sweet Treats Tutorial

Halloween Sweet Treats Tutorial
October 9th 2011
By: KMLDesignz

Supplies Needed:
PSP, any version should work, I am using PSP 9
Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis
This is a PTU tube and you need a license to use, you can purchase @ PTE here
Scrap kit of choice, I am using Designs By Sarah Sweetest Halloween kit
This is a PTU kit and you can purchase @ PMTWS here and here
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)
Font of choice, I am using is La Carte

Let’s Get Started:
Open up PSP and your supplies, minimize for now

Open up a new image, 700*500, we will resize later if needed.

Open up a frame of choice, I am using frame 10 from the kit I am using, C/P as new layer and resize once @ 65% smartsize and sharpen once, click inside your frame with your magic wand, expand by 5 and open up a paper of choice, I am using paper 5 from the kit I have, C/P as new layer, resize three times @ 85% smartsize and sharpen twice, invert and click delete, then invert again and then select none, bring below the frame layer, add a drop shadow to your frame layer, V&H-1 Opacity-100 Blur-2 Color-BLK

Open up your tube of choice, C/P as new layer, depending on your tube you’re using, resize nicely and sharpen at least twice to fit on the frame. Duplicate your frame and bring one below the tube, on the top frame erase any that covers the tube some. Add the same drop shadow to your tube layer.

Let’s Decorate The Taggie:

Open up a tag/ribbon of choice, I am using the one in the kit, C/P as new layer, resize twice @ 80% smartsize, sharpen twice, same drop shadow, place on the right side of the tag above all layers.

Open up a stitch line of choice, I am using the one in the kit, C/P as new layer, resize twice @ 70% smartsize, sharpen twice, I placed mine above the paper layer, same drop shadow, I duplicated a couple times to place them around the paper like its stitched, erase any that hangs out of the frame.

Open up another frame of choice, a circle one will work best, I am using frame 4 from the kit, C/P as new layer, resize once @ 80% smartsize then once @ 95% smartsize, sharpen twice and place behind all layers. Same drop shadow as before.
Open up a cupcake of choice, I am using cupcake 4 in the kit, C/P as new layer, resize @ 80% smartsize 4 times and sharpen twice, same drop shadow as before, place on the left side of the tag.

Open up a lollipop of choice, I am using 1 and 3 from the kit, C/P as new layer resize 3 times @ 80% smartsize for one, rotate @ 15 degrees to the left, same drop shadow, then repeat for the other one but resize 4 times, and rotate this one to the right. Place both behind the cupcake some.

Open up your font of choice, add your name and any copyright info that belongs and save as a png or jpg and you’re done.
Thank you for trying my new tut, I hope you enjoyed it!