Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frame Scraps Tutorial

Frame Scraps Tutorial
Written By KMLDesignz
October 12th 2008

Supplies Needed
2 Images of Choice
Scrap Kit by Melissa
Called Wishful Thinking
Template # 55 From Missy
Mask of choice or the one I provided.
Filter Factory J Toners Plugin (optional)
Font Of Choice

Let's get started
Open up all your supplies your going to use.
Take the tag template and duplicate and close out the original, we won't need it again.
Delete off the copy right layer.
Delete the background frame layers, we won't need those, Close out the rectangle layers and the oval shape, Close out the background layer.
Take your 2 images of choice and open them up, copy one of them.
Take your magic wand and click inside one of your frames, expand by 4.
Paste your image you just copied as a new layer and resize it down some to your liking, depending on the size.
Make sure you sharpen it some, click invert and then delete, and invert again.
Bring this layer below that frame layer so its under the frame, give that frame layer a drop
V&H= 1 Opacity= 100 Blur= 3.00 Color= BLK
This part is optional, I added the toners to the pic to give it an extra look.
If you do this use these settings
Red= 20 Green= 14 Blue= 44
I did it 3 times or to your liking.
Repeat with the other image you are going to use.
Open back the oval shape layer and select all, float then defloat.
Open up Sstyle_WishfulThinking_Paper_1 or one you like.
I had to resize mine @ 105 smartsize since it was too small for the oval shape, then I sharpened it using the unsharpen mask with these settings
Radius= 1.00 Strength= 64 Clipping= 4
Do that just once, click invert, delete then invert again.
Delete the oval shape layer off.
Add a drop shadow
V&H= 1 Opacity= 100 Blur= 3.00 Color= BLK
Then repeat with the 1's with -1
Open back up the rectangle layers, click on one of them, select all, float, defloat.
Open upSstyle_WishfulThinking_Paper_6 or one you want to use.
I did the same sharpen once.
Invert, then delete and invert again. Select None.
Repeat for the other rectangle layer and add the same drop shadow you did for the oval shape.
Make sure you delete the rectangle layers so there is no gray underneath the scrap paper ones.
Time To Decorate
Open up Sstyle_WishfulThinking_Flower_2 and copy and paste as a new layer on your image, resize it @ 40% smartsize once and use the same sharpen as before, and give a drop shadow of
V&H= 1 Opacity= 100 Blur= 3.00 Color= BLK
Open up Sstyle_WishfulThinking_Flower_4 and repeat the same steps you did for the other flower.. Look at my tag for placement.
Open up Sstyle_WishfulThinking_Bow and copy and paste on your image, Resize this @ 40% smartsize and use the same sharpen as the flowers.
Same drop shadow.
Merge visble all layers except your background layer, Resize this @ 65% smartsize all layers NOT checked. Give it the same sharpen as before.
Open up Sstyle_WishfulThinking_JournalBlock and copy and paste as a new layer, bring this below your merged image.
Give this a drop shadow
V&H= 1 Opacity= 100 Blur= 3.00 Color= BLK
Repeat with -1 Merge visble those 2 together.
Open up Sstyle_WishfulThinking_Paper_2 and copy as a new layer, resize this at 75% smartsize and bring this below your merged image.
Find the mask I provided and apply it to that layer, Click delete mask raster and click yes when the box pops up, then merge group. Duplicate the mask layer once.
Then merge down the duplicated layer with the original mask layer.
Make sure the mask layer is below your merged layer but above the background layer.
Now this next step is depending if you used a celebrity for your graphics or not.
I used the alpha that came with the scrap kit and spelled out the celeb's first name and put it on my image, now you don't have to if you did use a celeb. Its your choice.
Now if you do, I took each letter I was using, copied on a new image 600*400 and resized @ 20% smartsize for each alpha and sharpened them with the unsharpen mask settings.
I then added the same drop shadow.
Then merged visble once I was done and copied it and pasted on my image I am working on.
Then I resized it down a little more so it fits nicely on the tag were you place it, look at mine for an idea.
Add your name and any copyright info and crop the tag some and your done.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Other samples I did of this tutorial