Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stamp Frame Tutorial

Stamp Frame Tutorial

By: KMLDesignz

October 7th 2010

Supplies Needed
Stamp Frame
Notebook paper of choice
3 Graphics of choice
Font Of Choice
Word Art Of Choice
Scrap Supplies Of Choice
Factory J Plugin Here
Stamp Frame Here
Other Supplies Here

Let's Begin

Open a 600*400 new image
open up the stamp frame provided in the supplies
copy it then paste it onto your new image you just made
Resize the frame once with 70 smartsize
Sharpen the frame once

Open up your 3 graphics you are going to use, pick the first one

Select the first frame with your magic wand, then go to selections and click expand and expand
the selected frame by 4
Copy your first graphic you are using, then paste unto the image, resize till its
were you want the pic in the frame, go to selections and click invert, then delete, then click invert
again, then select none. Drag this layer below your frame, repeat this for the other 2 graphics.

For my graphics I used a plugin, Factory J and then Toners with these settings

I did this twice with the same settings.

I added a drop shadow to the frame using
Vertical- 1
Horztional- 1
blur- 2.00

Time to decorate the tag.

Open the notebook paper provided or one of choice
Resize the paper @ 70 smartsize all layers NOT checked
sharpen once, I added the same drop shadow as before
Duplicate this layer once. Mirror it then flip it and adjust it so it peeking out from
behind the frame a little.

Open up the staples in the supplies, copy and paste them onto your image, make sure this is
on top of the image, resize @ 60 smartsize, sharpen twice, then duplicate twice then merge down
the layers so its one staple layer, then duplicate once more and then rotate @ 90 degrees to the right
and put it on the other side of the tag, the rotated one is on the right for me.

Open up the star provided, copy and paste onto your image, resize this @ 40 smartsize
sharpen once, I duplicated mine so I ended up with 4, place were you want or use
header for example. Merge them together then sharpen once more and add the same
drop shadow as before.

Next open up the splat in the supplies, copy and paste it onto the image
I resized mine @ 60 smartsize once, resize to your liking, I then dragged this behind
the notebook paper, I also colorized mine to match my tag using
Plugin filters unlimited using the color effects then the colorize HSB one and
picked a color in my tag, this is optional as you can leave it black. I then
duplicated this and fliped it then mirrored to put in the other corner. look at
header for example.

Add the same drop shadow as before

Open up the cardboard piece in the supplies, copy and paste onto image
I put mine behind the notebook paper, then duplicated and mirrored then fliped and had
it under the other notebook layer. merge the cardboard pieces together and add the
same drop shadow as before.

Open up wordart 1, copy and paste onto image, resize till it fits nicely on the tag
sharpen twice, then duplicate it once and then merge together, then duplicate again
and mirror it so its on the other side of the tag. merge together. add same drop shadow
as before.

Open up wordart 2 and do the same as the other one, I put mine in bottom right corner
of the tag.

for the top of the tag, choose either wordart 3 or 4 your choice, and do the same as the others
and place on top of the tag, use header as example.

Last wordart, open wordart 5 and do same, I put this one on each side of the tag.
Merge all visble, then I resized the tag @ 80 smartsize, this is your choice, if you do
sharpen it once.

Open font of choice, add name and same drop shadow as before, duplicate once, then
merge together, add watermark, save as png or jpeg, your choice. make sure you crop out
the extra background of the image, so its not so much background or white if you save as jpeg

Your done! :) I hope you enjoyed my tut :)

Other examples of this tut before I wrote it out :)


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